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If you have followed my work over the years, you will know that I have been using and promoting one of the leading filter manufacturers. Photography has changed drastically in a relatively short span of time. As a professional photographer I need to change with technological advances, so I’m always looking at what is on the market to improve my workflow in the field. There are several new kids on the block when it comes to filters and for the past few months, I’ve been putting the Kase Wolverine Armour 100mm filter system through its paces.

Firstly, the magnetic system makes using the filters quick and easy. If you’re in a hurry to catch that fleeting moment of light, just place the holder near the magnetic lens ring and it firmly attaches itself. I keep the magnetic circular polarising filter attached to the inside of the holder which easily rotates via a geared wheel on the side of the holder. The kit also comes with 6-stop and 10-stop ND circular magnetic filters, 0.9 and 1.2 soft ND grads, 0.9 reverse ND grad and various magnetic adapter rings to suit most lenses.

Kase Filters Wolverine Amour Kit
Kase Filters Wolverine 100mm Amour Kit

The magnetic framed ND grads quickly snap into place on the holder and though it is firmly attached, you can tighten the filter to the holder. The quality of the toughened pro HD optical glass is so good that I stacked two of the ND grad filters together with the 6 and 10-stop ND filters without any noticeable loss of image quality. If you want to make long exposures during the bright light of daytime, just attached the 2 ND filters together to obtain a 16-stop ND without any problems of light leaks or colour casts.

Magnetic Kase Holder
Magnetic holder with polarising filter

I used the filters in the rain and the nano coating makes them easy to clean without smearing. I was apprehensive about dropping the glass filters and breaking them, but I did accidentally drop the polarising filter on a cement road and was surprised it didn’t shatter, not even a scratch.

All in all, I’m really impressed with Kase filters. The magnetic system really speeds up workflow in the field and the optical quality of the glass filters is far superior to acrylic filters best of all they don’t scratch. The Wolverine Armour 100mm kit comes with a great filter pack with various straps to wear over your shoulder or attach to your tripod. Kase filters will be a permanent part of my kit so I can highly recommend them.



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