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Landscape Photography Secrets


Tom Mackie has photographed landscapes the world over, and his refined sense of design and technical mastery have established his reputation as one of the world's leading practitioners of the art.

Revealing the secrets of his methods this comprehensive volume deals with the widely varying terrain of his subject matter, from white-sand beaches and parched deserts to snow capped mountains, rural idylls and atmospheric woodland, and details the specific practices required to take successful photographs in each unique environment. 

With over 150 breathtaking images, revealing text and detailed captions, Tom Mackie's Landscape Photography Secrets is a technical masterclass and an artistic inspiration for landscape photographers everywhere.




Price: £12.50





Photos With Impact


Tom Mackie is renowned for creating images of tremendous impact. Here, for the first time, he describes in detail how readers can do the same. 

He explains how an understanding of the basic rules of composition is crucial to successful image-making; and subsequently, how breaking these rules can also work effectively to create striking, modern compositions

Tom Mackie recognizes that a key technique in his work is the ability to see subjects that others might miss, and to simplify images down to their basic elements for powerful, graphic impact. 

He explores the use of strong colours and shapes, explains how to use lighting and filters to best effect, and describes the part that digital photography has to play in his work.

The practical instruction is accompanied throughout by a stunning collection of his best photographs.




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The Digital SLR Expert Landscapes


The first title in a new photography series presents a comprehensive guide to taking fantastic landscape photographs using the digital SLR.


This guide provides subject-specific advice from five leading professional landscape photographers. It features beautifully displayed, breathtaking photography from Tom Mackie, Darwin Wiggett, David Noton, William Neill and Tony Worobiec.


Covering both in-camera and photoshop techniques in-depth, "Digital SLR Expert: Landscapes" is as practical as it is stunning.




Price: £14.99