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A good pair of waterproof hiking boots and/or wellington boots and waterproof outdoor  clothing is essential depending on the location of the workshop. For the Norway workshop in February we will make a point of capturing the Northern Lights so the temperatures can get down below 0° C. Warm hats, gloves and thermals are necessary. Also it is essential to bring ice grippers for your boots.  Here is a link to show you what the ice grippers are. Click Here


If you have booked Italy, France or Portugal workshops, a warm jacket or coat for early mornings then once the sun is up the temperatures are very pleasant so light clothing is advised. A comfortable pair of walking shoes.


Workshops in the Canadian Rockies, Dolomites and Slovenia in autumn are at high altitudes so wear appropriate warm clothing that will be wind and waterproof. Dress in layers when it warms up after sunrise. Comfortable hiking boots are required.





CAMERA - all workshop attendees require a Digital / Film camera.


DIGITAL MEMORY AND/OR FILM - 16 Gb or higher memory cards are recommended. If you have a high megpixel camera you will need at least a 32Gb card. Tom personally uses Sandisk Extreme Pro 160 MB/s 32Gb cards.


TRIPOD - if you don't have one already or are considering a new tripod, Tom recommends Gitzo tripods. He uses the Gitzo 3542XLS with a GH3382QD ball head. After participating on a Tom Mackie workshop and you wish to purchase either a Manfrotto or Gitzo tripod, you will be eligible for a 15% discount. Please ask for details.


CAMERA BAG - Comfortable camera backpack.


FILTERS - IF YOU BRING NO OTHER FILTERS, BRING A POLARISING FILTER.  Graduated ND (2 stop & 3 stop hard and soft grads). Tom recommends Kase Filters. If you're buying your first set of filters, start with a 0.9 (3 stop) hard grad, 0.6 (2 stop) hard grad and a circular polariser. You will get more use from these filters then add the soft grads at some point. Kase is a magnetic system so the fliters quickly snap into place. This system is the best for using a polariser along with ND grads.

Tom will give you a discount code to claim 5% off your purchase.


SHUTTER RELEASE CORD or remote shutter release. If you are buying for the first time, get a basic shutter release that doesn't take batteries. These are very simple to operate and never run out of battery power like the all singing all dancing shutter releases that have time lapse functions etc. and tell you when to eat lunch.   

Keep it simple.





Please bring with you a small selection of images (jpgs @ 72 dpi) on a device (laptop or iPad)  or memory stick for reviewing.