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Everybody thinks that autumn and winter are the best times of year for landscape photography – certainly summer isn’t the season that first springs (ahem) to mind. Because of the sun in summer being much higher in the sky than in other seasons, you may think that it’s not an ideal time to produce striking landscape. However, there’s no reason it can’t be.

When I lived in Los Angeles, where it’s summer all year round (even in the winter), I had to adapt to the harsh light. Landscape photography is all about working with the light you have, not the lighting you want. Choosing subjects that work with the existing conditions is a great way of training yourself to consistently come up with the goods.

The summer holidays are upon us so here are some ideas to help you think differently about landscapes. Wherever in the world with your camera, you can apply these ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

This article was originally published in N Photo Magazine. To read the entire article , please click here to download the PDF



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